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The Artefact difference

We believe in work-life harmony at Artefact, and this holistic approach plays a vital role in helping you not only boost your productivity but pursue your passions – from day one. The environment in which our people work has been designed to inspire, motivate, and fulfil. Here are some of our initiatives:

When you start at Artefact, you’ll have four days of onboarding to discover our departments and use cases and meet your new colleagues. You’ll immediately feel like you’re part of the team and able to make an impact.  

In order to provide you with the best possible working conditions, we gather feedback in each country every three months via our Global Happiness Survey. 

And in every office, we want to develop a deep sense of community by bringing people together on a personal level through shared events, from parties and holiday celebrations to team sports and group experiences.

Our values at Artefact


Strong people values
and cohesiveness allow us
to nurture new ideas
and rise to new challenges
so we can go further together.

How we work:

By associating different complementary competencies in each project. We not only provide our customers with data and marketing expertise, but we always add a valuable creative dimension.

By challenging ourselves: We often organise hackathons to share best code practices and enhance team spirit.


Unique skill mix for a powerful data-driven ecosystem

Digital marketing expertise combined with best-in-class data science

How we take action:

We are structured by areas of expertise. Engineering, data consulting, media: our departments are staffed by experts in

We have impact on diverse use cases: fraud detection, precision marketing, IA lab, a world of possibilities…

To have the most impact, we always use the same tools: an innovative technical stack.


We learn new things from each other every day, mutual support is part of our DNA.

Dual knowledge in data consulting and marketing agency make us a one-stop shop for major digital transformation projects.

How we share innovation:

The Smartefact platform: We provide our teams with a collaborative platform, an endless source of information

Knowledge sharing events: (Training day, Code base committee, feedback.) Sharing knowledge is part of our DNA. We have much to learn from each other.

Skills and competencies development (aka “people review”.) Twice a year, you will be evaluated using a 360 degree system. Objectivity and transparency are essential to your skills development.

Our engagement

Our three visionary and entrepreneurial founders see the future of data as a catalyst for good, for both humankind and business.

What matters to us:

Meaningful missions:
– Advancing cancer research
– Working with Greenpeace

Internal projects:
– Women@Artefact


A look in our offices

Life at Artefact

What is life at Artefact like?

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